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Create & Sell Your Very Own Certification & Licensing Programs
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ONLY $37: Certification programs are clearly the best option for selling with more ease and attracting higher quality customers, BUT… What if you already have other offers in place to manage? What if you have XYZ to get ready first? What if you don’t have the money, time, or team right now to get it done? What if you’re scared it won’t work for you, or you aren’t clear on the vision yet? The Certification Success Secrets will help you work through all of these questions and more, so that there are no more barriers to your success. Get started today for just $37.

ONLY $27: After creating and selling 10 or more Certification programs of our own, we back-tracked all of the Content Creation, Legal, and Marketing steps we took and turned it into a step-by-step downloadable checklist. We were very intentional to include the nitty gritty steps that many certification creators forget and the legal steps they often don’t even know about. This isn't a freebie-style downloadable pdf. It is extremely detailed and very organized, plus it comes with a visual process flow diagram and bonus training to help you understand the entire process. Grab the checklist today for just $27.

ONLY $17: Not sure how a Certification might work in your niche or unique situation? The “Certification Inspiration Bin” is a collection of case studies across multiple niches, designed to show you the possibilities, inspire your creativity, and finally get you going!

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Our Signature Certification Creator Masterclass
  • Our Signature Licensing Offers Masterclass
  • A "Official Certifying Body" Seal To Use In Your Marketing
  • ​Access to the Inner Circle Coaching & Accountability Group to get your questions answered as you create and sell your certification and licensing programs
  • ​Feedback on your Certification & Licensing offers, packages, prices, marketing materials, content, and more!
  • Monthly Certification & Licensing Workshops
  • Monthly Live Q&A Coaching Sessions
  • Members-Only Portal With Training Archives
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